Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk

The Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk features a series of stunning contemporary Aboriginal sculptures lining the Wagirra Trail from Kremur Street in West Albury to Wonga Wetlands.

Eleven sculptures created by local Aboriginal artists have been installed along the five kilometres of trail. Each sculpture is accompanied by interpretative panels and videos available via smartphone.

The sculptures along the Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk resonate with Milawa lore, reflecting their fundamental relationship to the river. You can feel and appreciate the deep sense of history and reciprocity between nature and culture, as you walk or slowly ride the sculpture trail.

  • Vertical Message Sticks


    Signage along the trail will introduce each sculpture and artist listed here in greater detail.

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  • Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk 1

    How to get there

    The Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk starts at the Kremur Street Boat Ramp.  Kremur Street runs off Padman Drive in West Albury.

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  • Shield in flood

    Wiradjuri Law and Milawa Billa

    Wiradjuri Law demands that we have profound respect for each other and we do things slowly and with care.

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  • Wonga Wetlands lagoon

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