Noreuil Park Foreshore

Located less than a kilometre from the Albury CBD off Wodonga Place, Noreuil Park Foreshore is the most popular riverside park in Albury. With mature shade trees, a number of picnic tables and large expanses of grass, there is plenty of space to sit, relax and watch the river water pass by or watch the local wildlife.

Noreuil River Deck

Noreuil Park Foreshore is a popular swim spot, and in particular the relaxing and picturesque float from Oddies Creek Park to the foreshore area. Even though this is a popular activity, swimming in the river does have its risks.

AlburyCity has developed a River Awareness Campaign highlighting the risks.

Noreuil Park Noreuil Park Foreshore

The Wagirra Trail follows the river and passes through the foreshore area. With multiple barbecues, picnic sites and small playgrounds along the trail it's a great destination at the end of the Bungambrawatha Bike Trail.

The Riverdeck Cafe operates all year round and is an ideal stop-off point for a coffee, snack or meal.

wagirra Trail Murray River

A long term vision has been developed in conjunction with the Community.

The Noreuil Park Foreshore Master Plan can be viewed here.

Visit our History of Noreuil Park page and find out how Noreuil Park got its name.