Q Gallery

Q Gallery is the new MAMA outdoor space to enjoy the new creative expressions in the square.


Snails created by Cracking Art Group are delighting everyone, often moving around the square and attracting happy smiles and being much loved. They are on loan from the City of Sydney and their visit to Albury has been kindly extended till after Easter 2016.

Two pink snails on the green lawn of QEII Square with children climbing on the snails

Migrating Spirits II - Family

Two new arrivals are Migrating Spirits II – Family by Ron Gombox, representing a family he encountered during his migration; and Unplugged by Robin Yakinthou, a playful and humorous artwork whose serious theme reminds us of our most precious resource: water

Migrating Spirits II - Family sculpture in QEII garden by Ron Gombox 

Migrating Spirits II - Family, Artist: Ron Gombox


Large sink plug sculpture on QEII lawn

Unplugged - Robin Yakinthou