Albury has more than 90 playgrounds, providing a diverse range of play experiences for children of all ages. 

Top play spaces

Albury's must-visit playgrounds include:

Oddies Creek Adventure Playspace

A giant flying fox, a large climbing net and an observation deck are just some of the features of this amazing adventure playground in Oddies Creek Park.

Suitable for children from babies to teenagers, the playground has a range of features to stimulate physical, social and imaginative play experiences. Highlights include plantings of trees and shrubs to create tunnels and a natural cubby space, a small amphitheatre for creative play, rockers and a giant swing. 

The area is an ideal spot for a family day out. Fully landscaped and surrounded by green open space, it's only metres from the Murray River and has BBQ facilities and amenities.

Fredericks Park

Located in Fairview Drive, North Albury, Fredericks Park is another fantastic playground and includes a 6m high climbing net.

Patricia Gould Reserve

The Patricia Gould Reserve Playground in Nicholson Place, West Albury, focuses on play opportunities for children of all abilities, particularly those aged eight years and under.

Playground maintenance

AlburyCity has a progressive program of upgrading and replacing playgrounds to ensure they meet appropriate standards. Council inspects the playgrounds monthly to ensure that maintenance tasks are promptly identified and completed.

If you see something that requires repairs at a playground in Albury, please contact us.