Meet MAMA...Murray Art Museum Albury

This is the new name for what was the Albury Regional Art Gallery, currently undergoing a $10.5M redevelopment.

We wanted a name that was unique and gave a clear sense of purpose (what am I?)  and place (where am I?). The name also needed to connect with our artists and audience both in Albury and the wider Murray region. The memorable acronym - MAMA - captures attention and allows us to market ourselves as a world-class tourist attraction.

With the new name, comes a new attitude. 

MAMA will be unlike anything experienced before in our region. It will be the new Australian home for modern art and will reposition Albury as a major cultural destination. It will be a bold, vibrant and innovative contemporary public art museum where we welcome everyone to embrace the unexpected.

Who is MAMA? - Murray Art Museum Albury

MAMA is welcoming.

Today's most successful art galleries and museums are welcoming places. Not exclusive, not stuffy, not only the domain of experts. However MAMA is more than just approachable. It is warmly inviting, inspiring and appealing. It says welcome with open arms.

Through its choice of exhibitions, through its educational programs and through its physical design, MAMA is an open contemporary cultural institution.

Located in the Murray Region on Wiradjuri Country, MAMA is a friendly focal point for Albury, as well as a cultural destination for all Australians.

MAMA is engaging.

MAMA engages the heart and mind.

Through its 24-hour 'art skin', through its special curated events, through its mix of touring exhibitions from the playful to the serious, and through its experiential approach to presenting the artworks within, MAMA engages its visitors both intellectually and with genuine feeling.

Contemporary art takes what it likes from traditional forms and throws away the rest. It's the same at MAMA. It's light. It's sound. It's immersive experiences that stimulate, challenge and question.

The result is a unique and memorable sensory experience. Something visitors will take away with them, and something to keep them coming back for more.

MAMA is sophisticated.

MAMA is one of the state's largest and best-equipped art museums. The high quality of its international, national, local and indigenous exhibitions is reflected in its design choices, marketing and every part of the MAMA art experience.

From the café (crafted by a well known restaurateur, soon to be revealed) to the high-end retail shop with unique australian-made art products, to the architecturally designed building, MAMA delivers a world-class tourism experience. It is also perfectly at home as part of Albury's new green hub – an activated urban space hosting a range of sophisticated cafés, restaurants and more.

MAMA has attitude.

There is something unexpected about MAMA. 

It is unlike anything experienced before in the Murray region. It is also unlike any other contemporary art museum, balancing international touring exhibitions with deep connections to the surrounding regional area and its cultural identity.

From every angle, MAMA radiates attitude. Progressive, witty, playful, busy, surprising – MAMA is all these things and more. In its art and in everything that surrounds it, from the building to the community programs, MAMA will exceed expectations for locals and tourists alike.

Embrace the unexpected.

There is only one MAMA. There is no other cultural institution like it in the Murray region, and there is no other major art museum like it in regional Australia. MAMA will be a destination for art lovers from all over the country, as well as a new beloved cultural centre for the people of Albury and wider Murray Region. It is welcoming, sophisticated and embracing – but it is also unexpected.

MAMA goes beyond the usual art or tourism experience. MAMA will always offer something more and something different, on par with urban art experiences in our capital cities. As a contemporary art experience and a tourism destination, MAMA demands attention and rewards participation.