Albury's new art museum 

When the former Albury Regional Art Gallery re-opens in mid 2015, it will be with a new name and a new attitude.

The $10.5M redeveloped facility will be unlike anything experienced before in our region. It will be the new Australian home for modern art and will reposition Albury as a major cultural destination.

It will be a vibrant and innovative contemporary public art museum, with a bold and ambitious new name.

Changing the name will reflect our vision for the new facility and position it alongside some of the world's leading modern art museums and galleries.

Chair of Albury's new art museum Advisory Committee, Dr Guinever Threlkeld, explains the reasoning behind the name change.

Our vision

A new contemporary art destination in the centre of Albury and the Murray Region. Creating a place for community and art to thrive, this cultural landmark is leading the revitalisation of the arts precinct, drawing major visitation and engaging people with art.

As one of the state's largest and best equipped exhibition space, Albury's art museum is a significant institution which is expected to not only reinvigorate the region but to stand proudly among the ranks of Australia's leading modern galleries.

In every way, we exceed expectations, from the architecturally designed building to the superior calibre of the programming.

Exhibitions will deliver a rich and unrivalled modern art experience featuring the very best of international, national, local and indigenous artists. With respected practitioners at the helm and backing by federal and local governments, Albury's art museum is set to become one of Australia's foremost cultural attractions for national and international visitors.

Along with an emphasis on innovative and intelligent self-curated exhibitions, Albury's art museum will boast a stunning 24-hour 'art skin', interactive workshops and state-of-the-art back-of-house facilities.

The art museum is also part of the city's exciting new green hub – an activated urban space hosting a range of sophisticated cafés, restaurants and more.

From every angle, Albury's art museum is alive with attitude.