Sale of Land for Overdue Rates and Charges

NOTICE is hereby given to the persons named hereunder, that Albury City Council has resolved, in pursuance of Section 713 of the Local Government Act 1993, to sell the land described hereunder of which the persons named are known to the Council to be the owners or to have an interest in the land on which the amount of rates stated, as at 21 May 2018, is due:

Owners or person having interest in land


Description of land


Amount of rates (including extra charges) overdue for more than five (5) years



Amount of all other rates (including extra charges) payable and unpaid






J Ekanayaka

Lot 264 DP738018

19 Nardoo Court, Thurgoona NSW 2640




D M Petz

Lot 76 DP39384

1022 Calimo Street, North Albury NSW 2640




In default of payment to the Council of the amount stated in column (e) above and any other rates (including extra charges) becoming due and payable after this notice or any arrangements satisfactory to the Council for payment of all such rates being entered into by the rateable person before the time fixed for the sale, the said land will be offered for sale by public auction by PRDnationwide of 429 Swift Street, Albury NSW 2640, at 2.00pm, on Thursday, 13 September 2018 at The Albury Club, 519 Kiewa Street, Albury NSW 2640.  Any person who wishes to make enquiries can contact Albury City Council, Chief Financial Officer, Justin Finlayson, 553 Kiewa Street, Albury NSW 2640. T: 02 6023 8111.

Mr Frank Zaknich, General Manager, Albury City Council, 553 Kiewa Street, ALBURY NSW  2641.