Kiewa Street multi-deck car park

Construction of a multi-deck car park on the existing Kiewa Street at-grade car park is now complete and is set to open on Saturday 16 December 2017.

The two-level structure delivers an additional 359 spaces, bringing the total capacity to 711 all-day parking spaces.

An interim parking strategy is in place to ensure the availability of parking within the wider Albury CBD. This includes the use of existing, under-utilised off street car parks, existing on-street and informal parking in South Albury, and the conversion of the top two levels of the Volt Lane Multi-deck car park from three-hour restricted parking to all day parking. Motorists are advised that all on-road parking signage must be adhered to.

For further information contact Customer Service.

Alternative parking in the Albury CBD

map of parking options in Albury CBD

All on-road signage must be adhered to