Hume Street traffic improvements

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Hume Street traffic improvement consultation conducted during October 2015.

Why did we consult?

We sought feedback from affected property owners and tenants as well as the broader community on proposed works designed to improve access and safety on Hume Street between Kiewa and David Streets.

What did we find out?

There was support from the community for the proposed works, however the primary concern was the loss of on-street parking required to improve safety and access.

What did we do with the feedback?

The feedback was provided to NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), the agency responsible for delivering the project.

In response to the issues raised, RMS has eliminated the proposed right hand turn from Hume Street into Kiewa Street (thereby retaining on-street parking on Hume Street west of Kiewa Street), and shortened the proposed right turn lane from Hume Street into David Street (thereby reducing the number of on-street parking spaces lost in Hume Street west of David Street).

What happens now?

RMS will be completing the works in April 2016.