Managing our water

AlburyCity is committed to delivering the best water supply management services to our community.

  • a tank with water pumps

    Supply systems

    AlburyCity has two water supply systems; reticulated potable (treated) water and raw (untreated) water.

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  • Council's Water Treatment Plant

    Treatment process

    AlburyCity has two fully automated, 24 hour Water Filtration (treatment) Plants located in East Albury opposite Albury Airport.

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  • AlburyCity staff carrying out one of the many water tests done daily

    Water testing and certification

    Around 35 tests per day are performed on water being treated at the water filtration plant and approximately 45 tests per week are carried out on water taken from the reticulation system to ensure it meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and specific NSW Health requirements.

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  • AlburyCity staff member performing tests at the Water Treatment Plant

    Regulatory control & performance reporting

    AlburyCity’s water supply system is regulated by the NSW Department of Primary Industries water section and reported on annually.

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  • AlburyCity water meter

    Charging for water

    All of AlburyCity's water customers are charged rates which include an 'access' charge and a 'consumption' charge.

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