Albury Waste Management Centre

The Albury Waste Management Centre, located at 556 Mudge Street Lavington (see map below) is the region's major waste disposal facility. It offers a range of recycling, resource recovery and waste management initiatives.  

On site, there is a construction and demolition sorting area for the commercial sector and green waste sorting area for resident and commercial use.  

The new recycling centre is now open allowing residents to drop off household problem waste that otherwise could not be collected via the kerbside collection service. You can also bring in your general household recycling items.

  • pile of garden waste

    Disposal costs

    There are a range of costs associated with the disposal of items at the AWMC.

    Read more about Disposal costs

  • gatehouse to AWMC

    Application to set-up an account

    Find out how to set up an account at the AWMC and an easy way to pay your invoice.

    Read more about Application to set-up an account

  • people in white suits and gloves with a sheet of asbestos

    Asbestos management

    The AWMC is licensed to accept asbestos that has been removed and packed in accordance with legislative requirements. However, you need to call us first to arrange a time and day for drop-off.

    Read more about Asbestos management

  • entrance to the recycling centre

    Tours and Excursions

    Guided bus tours of the Albury Waste Management Centre are available to community groups and schools.

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  • a syringe and a sharps disposal box

    Sharps disposal

    Find information on the safe disposal of sharps including used syringes.

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  • gas management plant

    Gas Management System

    Methane gas generated from the AWMC is now powering up to 1500 Albury homes.

    Read more about Gas Management System

  • Residential Property

    Residential Property Owner Free Entry Vouchers

    Free entry vouchers to the Albury Waste Management Centre are included on the annual AlburyCity rate notices.

    Read more about Residential Property Owner Free Entry Vouchers

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