Household problem waste

Some household items are not suitable to be placed into your kerbside bins and instead require special treatment for disposal, so rather than have them clog up your home, shed or garage, simply bring them to the Albury Recycling Centre.

The household problem waste section is a joint initiative with NSW EPA, which contributed more than $200K towards the facility.

  • Old paint tins

    Paint recycling

    Left over paint is one of the most common sources of liquid waste in landfills. Our new facility will dispose of old paint in a safe and practical way.

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  • Oil poured into motor

    Oil recycling

    Used motor and cooking oil can be recycled, so rather than risk contamination or a spill at your place, bring it to us and we'll have it cleaned and put to good use.

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  • Batteries

    Vehicle and household batteries

    Batteries are the most common form of hazardous waste disposed of by Australian households, but they can be recycled into a range of new products like street lights and car parts.

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  • Broken fluorescent light

    Fluorescent lights recycling

    Because of the mercury in fluorescent lamps they're a real concern if they end up in landfill, so let us take care of any old lights you have around the home.

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  • Old gas bottles

    Gas bottles

    Gas bottles that can no longer be refilled can be recycled for scrap metal as they're largely made from steel.

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  • Fire extinguisher

    Fire extinguishers and smoke detectors

    Fire extinguishers are made from steel and smoke detectors contain batteries and in some cases, harmful content. Dispose of them both correctly at our recycling facility.

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