Our natural environment 

Albury has a number of distinctive natural assets, from the endangered ecological Community Box Gum Grassy Woodland on Nail Can Hill, to the forward tree plantings of Thurgoona.

Albury's natural assets also include a number of threatened species, remnant roadside vegetation corridors, significant trees, suburban gardens, revegetation areas, unique wildlife, riparian areas and the magnificent Murray River. 

These biodiversity assets have been identified and mapped to comprise Albury's Significant Environment Areas (SEAs).

AlburyCity has developed a Biodiversity Strategy, in consultation with community stakeholders, to protect and enhance the city's unique biodiversity. It addresses major threats and establishes conservation measures to protect and enhance biodiversity.

The strategy is a key outcome of Albury 2030, the community strategic plan for Albury, which identified a need to protect the local plants and animals that form Albury's biodiversity.

Conservation measures presented in the Biodiversity Strategy are implemented by AlburyCity on Council managed land, but they can also be implemented by other land managers and private landholders as everybody has a role to play in the conservation of biodiversity.