Register your pet

Dogs must be registered before they are 6 months old and cats must be registered before they are 4 months old. It’s just one form and one payment for life, and comes with the peace of mind that your pet has a much higher chance of being returned to you if they go missing.  

How do I register my pet?

The easiest way to register your cat or dog is through the online NSW Pet Registry.

Register in person

If you don’t have email or computer access or if you’re registering an assistance dog or working dog – or if you just prefer to do things in person – please visit our Customer Service Centre (Kiewa Street or Lavington Library) and fill in a form there. You can download and print registration forms from the Office of Local Government website and complete these at home before bringing them to our Customer Service Centre.

What does registration cost?

The Office of Local Government website lists the current fees, which change each year. You’ll get a discount if your pet is desexed.

You only pay for registration once – it’s a lifetime fee.

What if my pet and I move to NSW?  

If you move to NSW, you’ll need to register your pet.

Please also ask your vet or our Customer Service team to enter your pet’s microchip number and details into the NSW Pet Registry.