Animal Management Services

We recognise the important role pets play in the lives of their owners, the families they live with and, through positive social interactions, the local community. Our services and policies balance the needs of pets and their owners with the needs of the whole community.

Animal management services

Our rangers are responsible for animal management services. These cover pets (domestic dogs and cats), other animals (livestock, horses etc.) and native animals.

One of the rangers’ most important jobs is to make sure that, as a responsible pet owner, you have your pet microchipped and registered.

The NSW Office of Local Government is responsible for pet registrations. Their website has forms, brochures and information about keeping companion animals.

Pet ownership policies

Our Companion Animal Management Plan explains how we keep pets and people safe, and outlines your responsibilities as a pet owner.

We will be reviewing the plan over the next 2 years with guidance from the Companion Animal Advisory Panel.

  • gorgeous grey kitten in the grass

    New pets

    When you bring a new pet into your home, get them off to the right start. That means making sure they’re registered, microchipped and desexed.

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  • a man and woman each with a dog on a lead

    Responsible pet ownership

    Find out how to make sure your pets are valued members of the community.

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    Dog attacks and aggressive animals

    For everyone’s safety and wellbeing, we enforce a range of regulations for dog and cat owners. These include registration, rules about barking dogs, and restrictions on dangerous dogs.

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  • dog running in park with a frisbee

    Off-leash areas

    Every dog needs the freedom to exercise and socialise with others. That’s why we provide five designated off-leash areas where your dog can run and play safely without endangering or annoying other people.

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    Lost and found animals

    For various reasons, pets can take off. Find out what you can do to be reunited with your best friend.

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  • Stalking Cat on Fence

    Complaints about pets

    Most complaints we receive are about barking and roaming dogs or roaming cats. Find out what you can do to resolve this problem.

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    Adopt a pet

    Adopt, don't shop. If you're thinking of bringing a new dog or cat into your home, check out the animals waiting to be adopted at various animal rescue operators.

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  • Backyard chickens

    Chickens, pigs and other farm animals

    There are legal standards and obligations to ensure that if you have chickens, pigs or other animals you must keep them in the best possible conditions for their well-being and your neighbours' comfort.

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  • Kangaroo

    Native wildlife

    Information and tips on what to do if you find injured native wildlife, how to deal with snakes and keeping native animals as pets.

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  • Animal Shelter

    Animal rescue services & shelters

    Rescue services and shelters do important work for animals in our community.

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    How do I manage a fine?

    Information about how to pay a penalty infringement notice or lodge an appeal against a fine.

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