Biodiversity Strategy

Our Biodiversity Strategy aims to protect and improve Albury’s unique biodiversity through conservation measures addressing major threats. We developed it in consultation with community stakeholders and it was a key outcome of Albury 2030.

AlburyCity carries out the strategy’s conservation measures on Council land. We encourage other land managers and private landholders to do the same on their land.

In 2016–17 we will be reviewing the Biodiversity Strategy. Community members will have opportunities to contribute to this process, so watch this space!

  • Threatened Species

    Threatened Species

    Albury is home to a number of threatened plant and animal species. Our Biodiversity Strategy lists all of these species and gives their current vulnerability status.

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  • Noxious Weeds and Garden Escapees

    Weeds and Biosecurity

    Weed invasion is one of the biggest threats to native vegetation.

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  • Roadside Vegetation

    Roadside Vegetation

    Some of Albury’s most significant plants and animals live alongside the roads in our local neighbourhoods.

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  • Firewood Collection

    Firewood Collection

    Dead trees and fallen timber are vital habitat for many animals, including a number of threatened species.

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  • Controlled Burning

    Controlled Burning

    Our Controlled Burning Policy explains why we say yes or no to controlled burns, and how to get a permit.

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  • Roadside Vegetation

    Biodiversity grants

    A three year restoration project is being funded by the NSW Environmental Trust restoration and rehabilitation state and local grants program to restore endangered ecological communities on Albury's roadsides.

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