Waste and recycling

We encourage best practice approaches to waste management and resource recovery.

Water supply and management

We supply more than 24,000 customers with clean, safe drinking water.

Sewerage (wastewater)

We're committed to delivering the best possible (sewage) services to our community.

Albury Floodplain Management

Find out how we manage flood risks and reduce the impacts of flooding.


Built into our Community Strategic Plan, Albury 2030, are economic, environmental and community sustainability measures to maintain and improve quality of life in our city.

Biodiversity and Vegetation Management

We’re dedicated to protecting the natural environment. This means protecting, preserving and raising awareness of our natural assets.

Public Health and Safety

To keep Albury a great place to live, work and play, we provide a range of services to continually improve the standard of public health and the level of personal safety in our community.

Environmental Health

We have a range of measures to protect against the types of industrial and domestic pollution that can affect neighbourhoods.

Compliance and Rangers

We have inspection, monitoring and enforcement responsibilities to ensure compliance with various state laws and AlburyCity policies covering a wide range of activities.

Get involved

We invite everyone in our community to get involved in activities, events and projects to do with sustainability, biodiversity, vegetation management, companion animals and other environment-related areas.