Steps involved to participate in the program

If you are interested in participating in the Keep Track of Your Best Mate Program, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Attend one of the Keep Track of Your Best Mate events as advertised.
  2. At the event you will need to:
    • Sign up for the program by completing the application form.
    • Receive your voucher for the program
    • Get your cat or dog microchipped by a Council Ranger (you will receive your 1st Stamp)
    • Participate in a free training or pet care advice session (receive your 2nd stamp)
    • Visit the RSPCA stand (receive your 3rd stamp)
    • Book your cat or dog to be desexed with a participating Vet
  3. Take your pet to its desexing appointment with the participating vet (receive your 4th stamp)
  4. Show your completed voucher at the AlburyCity Council Customer Service Centre to register your pet for free (receive your 5th stamp).
Q1. My pet is already desexed, can I still access free registration and microchipping?

A1. Yes, provided your pet is already desexed and you can provide proof of desexing.

Q2. Can I get my pet desexed and not registered or microchipped?

A2. No, all pets that are desexed must also be registered and microchipped if they are not already.

Q3. Can I get my pet registered and microchipped and not desexed?

A3. No, however you can access free microchipping at one of the Keep Track of Your Best Mate events and you will not be eligible for free registration.